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Most of us would agree that buying onesies for babies should not be a complex process. The only obvious considerations should be color, style and fit. But buying clothes for babies is not at all like picking outfits for yourself. Infants are incredibly sensitive to the types of materials you use, not to mention the way they fit on their body. And you, as a parent, have to consider the routine of regular diaper changes and how access to the diaper area can be made easiest for you and your child.

There’s a lot to be said for simple. Try to avoid bows buttons, buckles, ribbons, decals that are ironed on, etc. Each of these can complicate life for your baby. And you always want the baby to be as comfortable as possible. While onesies with all of those cutesy accoutrements might look fine and fashionable, stiff fabric and attachments can irritate a baby’s skin. Remember, you want clothing to be soft and supple, with no hard or scratchy points and edges that come in contact with your little bundle of joy. It’s understandable, especially when it’s your first child, to want the outfit to be perky and fun. Just remember, your baby is not a toy. And its needs come first!.

You’ll soon understand the value of sticking with simple if you buy something fancy and it begins to irritate the little one. We all know that there’s one famous way that babies express their displeasure, and you’ll soon be swapping out that unpleasant outfit for something easier to live with. For example, in a onesie, look for something that conveniently sips or snaps all the way down the leg. These are incredibly useful for frequent diaper changes.

And remember that ornate clothing is often colored or treated with chemicals and dyes that you don’t want touching your baby’s skin, much less around his or her mouth and eyes. Simpler onesies also mean that the parent will be more easily able to change the baby out of their clothes and take the onesie on and off for a diaper change. Enough of the lectures! Just remember that raising a baby is tough enough without compounding the problem by selecting clothing that causes unpleasantness.

The easier it is to put on or take off, the less fuss you’ll hear from your child. That is bound to soothe your nerves as well. Emphasize functional, comfortable designs with soft and high quality material. Cotton is highly recommended.