Road noise sources

Imagine deliverable D3

The Imagine deliverable D3 describes the Harmonoise road noise method plus some extra sources of information that have been gathered in order to improve the model.
Measurements on powered two wheelers.
Detailed measurements on a truck
Measurements on accelerating traffic.
Statistical data on vehicles fleet composition.


Description of the work package

For a correct assessment of the noise produced by road vehicles, it is necessary to know every detail about the noise source. The main difficulty in the prediction of road traffic noise levels is the great variation in source conditions. First of all, the road vehicle type may vary from scooters and mopeds to various types of passenger cars to various types of trucks. Secondly, the characteristics of the road surface are of great influence on the tyre/road noise production. Finally, the noise production of a single vehicle on a specific road surface is dependent on driving behaviour and meteorological conditions.

A noise source model for road vehicles has been developed within the Harmonoise project, describing the propulsion and rolling noise of a vehicle as a function of its speed and acceleration. The model assumes a reference situation for each general vehicle type and includes a number of correction parameters for each condition that is of influence on the vehicle noise.

The general Harmonoise model is taken as a starting point for the work of WP5. The main goal of this work package will be to fill in the coefficients that determine the vehicle noise. The coefficients will vary from region from region within Europe, therefore a large amount of measurement data from every region is needed.

The results of these measurement campaigns will provide the coefficients needed to predict the noise levels of the typical European road vehicle. A close relation with WP2 on Demand and Traffic flow management will then translate the noise level of each single vehicle to the noise emission of the road traffic flow at each location and time desired.


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