IMAGINE - Improved Methods for the Assessment of the Generic Impact of Noise in the Environment.

In the IMAGINE project, we will provide guidelines, examples and databases that allow for a quick and easy implementation of the harmonised noise computation methods in the Member States of the European Community. The IMAGINE project is closely linked to the Harmonoise project, in which these harmonised computation methods are developed. While the Harmonoise project focusses on prediction methods for road and railway noise, the IMAGINE project extends this range with aircraft and industrial noise sources. A flow chart is shown to the left.

The products of Harmonoise and IMAGINE are intended to be used by the Member States for the production of strategic noise maps and to help predict the efficiency of noise action plans, as they are due from 2007 according to the EU Directive on the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise. But of course we think that the methods can be used for any other purpose of community noise prediction.