Mapping Specifications and GIS

This work package will provide practical guidelines, good practice and harmonised data management for the production and exploitation of strategic noise mapping according to the requirements and recommendations of the Environmental Noise Directive

Imagine deliverable D4

D4 Specifications for GIS-NOISE databases

Imagine deliverable D8

D8 - Guidelines and good practice on strategic noise mapping  (pdf in zip - 5Mb !)

Methodology checklist

A format has been developed on how to collect available input data for noise mapping. For the production of noise maps and for the preparation of basic data for noise maps (e.g.: population distribution, terrain shape, buildings shape, traffic type,..) this format can be used.

Your experience is important for the development of this format! Please fill in the third document so your experience will help us to optimize the form contents.

The format was developed by Work package 1 of Imagine and is intended to be adapted as a result of new information from the users.

1) A short technical report, introducing the survey:

2) the survey itself:

3) an empty questionnaire frame, for people willing to contribute themselves to the survey:

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Input data collection, what's your experience?

A format has been developed on how to collect available input data for noise mapping. For the production of noise maps more

P2P model and Nuclear Power

Research in the propagation of noise has already resulted in adoption of the Harmonoise point-to-point (P2P) calculation model. This resulted more

IMAGINE workshops - reports

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